Cornhole Level

Time to LEVEL the Playing Field!

Your $$ Cornhole Bags will thank you later for these levels!

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CornStars - Cornhole Level Logo - Time to Level the Playing Field!

It’s getting nice out!  Play outdoors on straight and level Cornhole Boards.  Have Fun!

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Cornhole Level Features

Measures Correct Pitch

Instantly and accurately measures the correct Pitch (front to back angle) of ANY Cornhole board.  Too flat and your bags will fly off the back of the board.  Too steep and your bags will stop short.  Ensures your throw is consistent every time! 

Measures the Correct Angle

Instantly and accuratesly measures the correct side to side angle of ANY Corn hole board.  If your cornhole board is leaning towards one side, your bags will tend to slide towards the lower side.  Ensures you to don’t alter your throw!

CornStars - Cornhole Level Logo - Time to Level the Playing Field!

Time to LEVEL the Playing Field!

Use the Cornhole Level Anywhere!

Small enough to bring with you anywhere.  Use indoors, outdoors, grass, dirt, beach, BBQ’s…Anywhere!  It measures just 2.5″ x 1.5″ and weighs just 11 grams!

Features of the Cornhole Level

  • Works on ALL Cornhole Boards
  • Durable enough to take anywhere
  • Instant and Accurate measurements
  • Measures only 1.5″ x 2.5″ @ 11 grams
  • The one and only Cornhole Level
  • US Patent 11,333,495

About The Cornhole Level

Cornhole has been rapidly growing from just a fun backyard BBQ game to a competitive sport.  Local tournaments are now very common.  Furthermore, some high-level tournaments have even received live coverage on ESPN and CBS!  The game is now being described as a sport, and many players want to get involved.  What’s next, are you going to tell me it is also going to be an Olympic Sport?  Yes!  Check out our blog on USA Cornhole for the latest information.  Go Team USA!  Our USA color cornhole levels are available now in Single and 2-Packs.  Click here to shop them! Considering that the game has become much more competitive, players need more than just a couple of boards and some bean bags.  To properly practice for tournaments, players must be able to set up their boards to the same regulations as the ones that the official tournament will inevitably have.  One overlooked aspect of the cornhole regulations is the proper leveling of the boards.  This is where the Cornhole Level comes in! The Cornhole Level is an exciting new tool that any cornhole player can easily use.  The device can be used by competitive players looking to enter a tournament or the average player who wants to make sure their bragging rights are gained on a regulation set up in their backyard.  The Cornhole Level will allow you to ensure that the boards are perfectly balanced.  The level can be used along the back of the board or in the hole of the board and has an easy-to-read level.  This level will indicate if your boards need to be adjusted and in which direction (front, back, left, right).  So, if you have been noticing that the bean bags keep sliding in one direction all of the time, off the back of the boards or just not sliding properly, then you can definitely use The Cornhole Level! If you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy way to get your boards properly up to regulation, then look no further!  The Cornhole Level can be used anywhere and is easy to pack with your boards wherever you travel.  You can be more competitive when you play whenever and wherever you are!

Cornhole Level Testimonials

Cornhole Level – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cornhole Level?

The Cornhole level is a new and patent pending invention created by CornStars LLC. It was designed to help players of all levels with their Cornhole game. If the board is not level or consistent with standard ACL Pro specs, it may throw off your game. Too steep and the bags will stop prematurely. Too flat and your bags will fly off the back. Side to side means your bags will move towards the lower direction. The Cornhole level is the only tool designed to address these issues. Here are a few features of the Cornhole Level:

  • Small enough to take with you anywhere
  • Works on ALL cornhole boards
  • Instantly check any board for Pitch (front to back) or Roll (left to right), indoors or outdoors
  • Simply drop on any corn hole board to check
  • Durable enough to throw in your bag
  • Tether in front for assisting in checking distance
What is Pitch and Roll?

Pitch is the front to back angle of the cornhole board. If the board is too steep, the bag will not slide as expected and possibly stop prematurely. If the cornhole board is too flat, the bag will have a tendency of sliding right off the back of the board.

Roll is the side to side angle of the board. If the board leans left or right, the cornhole bag will have a tendency of sliding in the direction that is lower.

Time to LEVEL the playing field!

Why are there 2 levels in the package?

2 boards. 2 levels. What else can we say? Also, if you provide your own hooks + string set at 32’8″, a single person can not only level both boards but also set the regulation distance by themselves!

Also, you asked for it, we are delivering it! For those that were asking to get it cheaper, we now sell a single pack. You can now buy any color in a Single Pack and we have reduced the cost for this.

Will there be more color combinations?

Yes. Look for our new Red / White / Blue cornhole level coming in February 2023. We are also working on licensing to Colleges. Look for these and many more in the upcoming months.

I have the level and the boards are off. Now what?

We designed the level to indicate the offset in both Pitch (Front to Back) and Roll (Side to Side).

  • If in the sand, that is the easiest of the options….
    • Simply press firmly on the high sides to level the board.
  • If on grass, there are a few options…
    • Remove some dirt / grass on the high side to level the board.

CornStars highly recommends ‘PUCS’ (Peak Ultimate Cornhole System).  PUCS are the official board stabilization partner of the ACL and used for the ESPN Tour. Invented by Pros and used by the top Pros across the country, this system will ensure your boards are level when you play.

Why will my Expensive Cornhole Bags thank me for these levels?

When the front to back angle (pitch) is too shallow, your bags are more likely to fly off the back of the board and hit the ground! You can stop this with the Cornhole Level to ensure you have the proper Pitch when you play!  It is like having insurance for your expensive Cornhole Bags!

Does CornStars LLC have other products besides the Cornhole Level?

We do have two three other products we are working on and plan on releasing them in the upcoming year. Please check back on our website or follow us on Facebook for details on our new and exciting products coming soon!