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Time to LEVEL the Playing Field!

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We started our journey during the pandemic when every night four competitive friends started to play Cornhole and then just could not stop.  We could not do any thing right, not even the scoring but yet the fun and laughs were never ending and the games continued on.  One day, we noticed we cannot be this bad as we struggled to keep the bags on the board.  After further investigation, we noticed one side had a flatter board than the other and both were slanted in different ways.  We went online to find a level to assist with this.  Nothing could be found except a bullet level but wondered about how to level the front to back pitch as we really wanted both sides to be the same.  This was our AHA moment and the Cornhole Level gift accessory was created.

Currently, the Cornhole Level gift accessory is currently patented in the US and other countries and are hoping for another 10 – 20 countries in the next few years.

CornStars - Original Founders - inventors of the Cornhole Board Level Accessory to easily measure pitch and roll of your cornhole board and also measures the cornhole board distance. Time to LEVEL the Playing Field!

Laurita Winery – 2020 – Original Founders of the Cornhole Level!

Creating the Cornhole Level

Cornhole Level - initial design of the device that was shown to investors to bring the Cornhole Board Level Accessory to market! Get Yours Today! Time to LEVEL the Playing Field!

Intial Pitch for the Cornhole Level

I am sure my partners remember this very well….the intial disclosure with the first pro-type of the Cornhole Level.  We watched a football game hosted at my house then during half-time, I hit my parters with a presentation that they will never forget and ultimately led to the creation of the Cornhole Level.

First Available Cornhole Level and Packaging for the commercial market. Available on Amazon, Walmart and our Local CornStars LLC Shop. Time to LEVEL the Playing Field! Get your Cornhole Board Level Accessory today!

First Prototype

Initial prototype for level, design and packaging as shown above.  We did manage to sell 250+ of these 3-D printed levels, we were just excited to get started.  We started giving the string with the levels then realized what was involved and there was no way to secure the string without tangling…hence, the packaging you see above!

CornStars LLC - Official reveal of the Cornhole Board Level Accessory at the JamesBurg Elks #2180 - Matty, Tony, Mike and Dave presented their newest Cornhole Invention and Idea the Cornhole Level.

Intial Reveal for the Cornhole Level

Initial reveal on June 9, 2021 at the Jamesburg Elks #2180.  We packed the house on a Wednesday night and the reveal of the Cornhole Level was a big success.  Friends, family and players attended and we have not looked back ever since!  Always a great time there and the Cornhole Memories will always be cherished!

First Cornhole Level available for market in original packaging. Time to LEVEL the Playing field with the patented device that measure pitch and roll for your cornhole board!

First Commercial Cornhole Level!

With demand starting to grow, we could not keep up so we had to go the manufacturing route.  This is the original packaging showing off a 2 Pack of the Red Levels, one of our best sellers to date.

ACL Pro Mark Richards and the Custom Branded Bust You Up Cornhole Level. Get your custom branded cornhole board level accessory today!

Custom Cornhole Levels

With sales coming in from different avenues, we were able to break out and create custom designed cornhole levels for our Cornhole Partners.  One of the first Custom Cornhole Levels – Bust You Up Cornhole!  These guys know how to do it right!  Check them out.

Officially Licensed Collegiate Cornhole Accessory - Rutgers Scarlet Knights - Perfect under $20 cornhole gift accessory for tailgating! Get your Cornhole Board Level Accessory today.

Officially Licensed College Cornhole Levels

Once again, with the demand growing, we are now in the process of licensing with colleges.  Check out our first Officially Licensed Cornhole Level – Rutgers Scarlet Knights.  Available in Scarlet Red (Home) and Black (Away), we are looking to add more colleges in the near future!

What is this Cornhole Level that everyone is talking about?

Small and Lightweight

Measuring only 1.5″ x 2.5″ x 1″ high and weighing only a few grams, the cornhole level is not only small, but very sturdy so you can throw in your bag to ensure your Cornhole board is level and straight anywhere you play!

Durable and Weather Resistant

Crafted with high-quality materials, the Cornhole Level withstands the elements, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor play.  Simply throw in your bag as this can withstand the action!  The Cornhole Level is NOT made out of wood as wood tends to swell when it gets wet.

Quick and Easy to Use

Simply slide the level anywhere on the back of the board or place at the bottom of the cornhole board for Instant and Accurate measurements of the front to back (pitch) and side to side (roll) measurements….never play on uneven boards again….Time to LEVEL the Playing Field!

Time to Level the Playing Field!

Use it anywhere, anytime!  Indoor, outdoor, beach, BBQ, grass, the Cornhole Level is the only tool that measure both front to back angle and the side to side angle!  Our Patented Device is the ultimate and must have accessory!

For ALL Levels of game play!

Anyone can use the cornhole level including first timers, beginners, intermediate, advanced, high school students, even the pros!  If you are looking to play on a LEVEL playing service, the Cornhole Level is the perfect cornhole accessory!

Get Yours Today

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Time to LEVEL the Playing Field!


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CornStars LLC - Makers of the Patented Cornhole Board Level Accessory - Time to LEVEL the Playing Field! - Cornhole level view of front, side and on the corn hole board.