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CornStars LLC & the Cornhole Level Gift Accessory

Welcome to CornStars LLC!  We’re a company of cornhole enthusiasts developing products to enhance every player’s experience.  Our first product has been released and is called the “Cornhole Level”, the ultimate Cornhole Level Gift Accessory for all LEVELS of game play.

CornStars LLC – Our Story

Our company was founded by four friends from Monroe Township, New Jersey.  We all share the passion and competitiveness of one of the most popular outdoor games, Cornhole.

One day, we noticed that our throws on the boards were always sliding off in one direction, off the back of the boards or just not sliding properly.  After further investigation, we realized that the outdoor boards were lopsided and not level, both from a pitch and roll perspective.  That was our ‘aha’ moment!  We knew that we needed something simple to find out if the boards were lopsided.  As a result, we developed the Cornhole Level.

Designing The Cornhole Level Gift Accessory

You may be asking, “How can a bubble level indicate that an angled board is actually ‘level’?”.  This was the biggest challenge of designing the level.  Obviously, Cornhole boards are set up at an angle.  We needed to design the device’s structure so the bubble indicator would show when the boards were at the regulation ACL specified angle and not just the traditional “level”.  The device was specifically created for one purpose, and one purpose only, to confirm the boards are at a regulation angle.  Click here to see how Instructions for the Cornhole Level.  We have since expanded the usage for the Cornhole Level to also measure the distance between cornhole boards.  We have included a tether on the front of each cornhole level device and by adding your own string and hooks, you can also set your cornhole board to board distance as well!

Why Cornhole Players Love the Cornhole Level

Cornhole players understand that consistency is key.  Usually, when someone thinks about consistency and cornhole, they think about the throw.  Having a consistent throw separates the good from the great players.  However, how can anyone develop a consistent throw if they aren’t using boards at a consistent angle?   This is why players love The Cornhole Level.  They can measure and adjust the boards in minutes to ensure that their throw will be ready for the next tournament or to show off at the next BBQ.

CornStars LLC – More Products Coming Soon

We are currently working on additional new and exciting cornhole products.  Please check back as we will post them when they become available.